Agriculture Insurance Sector

Project Detail:

A leading company in the agriculture insurance sector undertook a transformative project to streamline data management and enhance the scalability and efficiency of their systems. The primary objective was to migrate their on-premises workload to the AWS cloud, focusing on optimizing Geo-Spatial Datasets with advanced masking and mosaicing processes. This initiative aimed to improve the accuracy and speed of claims processing for farmers.

The project utilized a range of AWS services, including ONTAP Fsx for efficient file storage, SageMaker for machine learning model development, and various other AWS services like EC2, RDS, Lambda, and GuardDuty for processing and securing data. The choice of these technologies was driven by the need for scalability, advanced machine learning capabilities, robust security, and efficient storage management.

The challenge lay in implementing a nationwide crop insurance program to cover millions of farmers against a variety of risks, including natural calamities and adverse weather conditions. The existing on-premises infrastructure of the Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited (AIC) was inadequate for scaling to meet the growing demands of handling large volumes of Geo-Spatial Datasets and ensuring low latency in GIS operations.

The migration to AWS and the adoption of ONTAP Fsx significantly improved the efficiency of processing Geo-Spatial Datasets. Farmers benefited from faster and more accurate claims processing, while AWS security services provided a secure environment for sensitive agricultural data. The scalability of cloud computing supported the company's growth, and the operational efficiency gains were substantial, with a 35% lift in labor efficiency. Overall, the project successfully enhanced the organization's data management capabilities and operational effectiveness.