Media and Entertainment Sector

Project Detail:

India's Leading Media Company, a prominent player in the media and entertainment sector for over three decades, has consistently delivered top-notch entertainment and news content. To maintain its competitive edge, the company has emphasized agility and round-the-clock availability, especially during pivotal events. The business model revolves around news broadcasting, substantial advertising and subscription revenue, and a strong digital presence, making it a key figure in the Indian media landscape. Its operations include multiple news channels catering to diverse languages and demographics, and digital platforms to extend its reach beyond traditional TV audiences.

The project's main objective was to optimize workload management for the media platform, focusing on enhancing performance, scalability, and reliability. Key goals included improving user experience, increasing cost efficiency, ensuring scalability and flexibility, minimizing downtime, adapting to workload fluctuations, automating management tasks, upholding security and compliance, and leveraging monitoring and analytics for insights.

Technologically, the platform is built on a microservices architecture, hosted on AWS, and uses tools like EKS, Fargate, RDS, API Gateway, and CodePipeline. This tech stack was chosen for its efficiency, scalability, and security features.

The challenge faced was handling increased user traffic efficiently, especially during peak hours, without escalating costs. To address this, an autoscaling solution with AWS Auto Scaling Groups and Kubernetes HPA was implemented. This approach, along with AWS Lambda for automation, led to improved performance, cost optimization, scalability, operational efficiency, and enhanced reliability, ensuring a seamless user experience even under fluctuating demand.