Application Migration to GCP Platform

Challenges in Existing Cloud 

Precision Pyramid helps many industries by providing supply chain management software that improves efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and control. This can help businesses reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and help comply with regulations.

Precision build and hosted application for customer. All applications hosted in Azure. They were facing performance issue in application and disk throughput was also not upto mark and the costing was very high.


As a part of the solution, Unicloud jointly worked and carried out a thorough assessment of Customer Azure workload, Integrations, architecture, and business requirements, studied the environment clearly, and a detailed inventory list was prepared and solution in consultation with the Customer before proceeding to implement.

For high availability of application instance used Managed instance groups. Bases on the traffic or utilization scale up and down the instances. The auto scaler continuously collects usage information based on the policy, compares actual utilization to your desired target utilization, and determines if the group needs to be scaled up or down.

 Propose customer for Cloud SQL manage databases to auto increase the storage capacity once it reach the threshold value.


  • Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Load Balancer (Https)
  • Cloud storage
  • Cloud DNS
  • Backup and DR services
  • Cloud Armor (WAF)
  • Cloud logging
  • VPC
  • VPC firewall
  • Public IP

“Unicloud helps us in migrating our workload from Azure to GCP. The journey was undoubtedly challenging, but with Unicloud team’s expertise and dedication, we navigated through it smoothly and successfully. Unicloud team demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions that met our needs perfectly. Unicloud expertise in re-architecting and optimizing our infrastructure for GCP’s services resulted in improved performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency, exceeding our expectations.

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone involved in our Azure to GCP migration project. Your professionalism, expertise, and dedication have not only made this transition a success but have also positioned us for future growth and innovation on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).”

              Vikas Kapoor, IT Head


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