Migration of PostgreSQL Database from EC2 to AWS RDS Aurora

Zee Media network is one network that began early, grew steadily, adapted along, sustained all weathers and today stands as one of India’s largest, widest and most diverse-platform news network. Zee Media Corporation Limited has interests in Global, National and Regional news channels and Digital news publishing. The Company operates 14 News channels across various genre and languages. The Company also operates 32 digital properties and 7 mobile applications. The digital publishing business of the Company has been consolidated under a subsidiary company Indiadotcom Digital Private Limited’ (IDPL). Zee News, the flagship channel of the network is a household name among India’s news channels and among the flagbearers of free, fearless and foremost journalism.

“Unicloud helps us in migrating our PostgreSQL Database from EC2 to AWS RDS Aurora which help us in delivering, a high-performance, fully managed relational database service. The mission-critical workloads leverage AWS security measures & features and controls provided by RDS Aurora. This enhances the safety of our data but also streamlines database administration, making our operations more resilient and scalable. Aside from better performance and scalability, Aurora Postgres is also more reliable than many other database options. High availability is guaranteed with data replicated automatically across 3 AWS availability zones. It also offers fault tolerant and self-healing storage, instance monitoring and recovery of the database in the event of failure. One of Aurora’s biggest business advantages is the significantly lower costs when compared to traditional databases. Hassle-free Storage Provisioning, it scales in and scales out based on your actual usage, so you can focus your attention on other important parts of database management. Reduce our DBAs’ Stress Levels as AWS handles many routine tasks.”

Vijayant Kumar, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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